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Significance Of Indian Jewellery

Significance of Indian Jewellery

Significance of Indian Jewellery

Over the ages, the craft of cheap artificial jewellery making evolved with the introduction of precious metals and gems by the Indian royalty. Their love for precious stones and metals gave us some of the most-loved jewellery designs of all times. Kundan jewellery and meenakari jewellery are two of the most famous styles that flourished during the Mughal era. Though jewellery designs in India have been adapted to suit the modern needs, they have not yet lost the true essence of the traditional craft and designs. While kundan jewellery originally was expensive, this style has given birth to the trend of women artificial jewellery. This gives you the same style and finishing in a more pocket-friendly manner.


At Utsav Fashion, women will find a truly astounding collection of Indian stone jewellery online. Browse classic Indian jewellery sets like Kundan, Polki, Thewa and Pota, or stick with the trendy artificial jewellery choices. Our expert craftsmen work with plastic, wood, clay as well as precious metals and stones, to create an array of stylish pieces for every occasion. There is no limit to the Indian jewellery designs women can shop for on our website. Moreover, we also offer home delivery to international locations, fantastic discounts and a user-friendly payment portal. For a breezy, hassle-free experience shopping for Indian jewellery online, Utsav Fashion is the right destination.


Indian stone jewellery is amongst the finest in the world and Indian jewellery makers are renowned for their prowess in moulding metals, gems, wood and clay into gorgeous, intricate designs. Many of the classic Indian stone jewellery making techniques have been jealously guarded and passed down from one generation to the next. Studded with classic jewellery from India, a woman can truly feel like a Queen. There is no better way to embrace the glorious fashion heritage of India and express your inner princess.


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